About Us

Who We Are

Sentry is Pittsburgh's newest esports team, owned and operated by Team SMAK, LLC. Our mission is to support and develop the Pittsburgh gaming community. Our vision is to establish a community where players and fans can prosper enjoying the games they love.

What We Do

Our services include: hosting esports tournaments and events, delivering professional gaming broadcasts, and providing support to our local gaming community. We currently specialize in competitive Super Smash Bros., and we have plans to support other esports games in the near future! We are a grassroots team made of competitors, commentators, and fans alike. Giving back to our community is what we are all about!

Meet The Team

Timothy “Seraph”

Tim founded Team SMAK in 2014 with a group of high school friends, hosting tournaments for Super Smash Bros. at each other's houses. In 2018, while pursuing his Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry, Tim brought SMAK to his college and began hosting biweekly tournaments there until 2020. He is now working in clinical research right here in Pittsburgh while also leading Team SMAK through its bright future. Tim is a husband, scientist, writer, musician, lifelong gamer, and competitor with an impassioned love for his city and gaming community.

Sasank "Squatch"

A recent graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, has been involved with Team SMAK since 2019. Being from the Pittsburgh area, he works as a software engineer and architect while helping lead Team SMAK. While serving as Team SMAK's Vice-President and COO, Sasank also competes in Super Smash Bros. Melee events while coaching players in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Beyond Team SMAK, Sasank is loyal Pittsburgh sports fan and an indie music composer.

Alex "MonsterSku11"

Alex is a person of any talents and trades, from working with Team SMAK as the Chief Marketing Officer to running his own business to working on his own music. Living in Pittsburgh for all of his life, Alex first got involved with the competitive Smash scene in Orlando on vacation in 2017. Then, a year later, he found out about SMAK, then SmaaaashAttack, through long time friend Spencer, and went to an event. When Tim at the time needed someone to run the stream, Alex stepped in to help, and has been ever since. Now a graduate of Westmoreland College, he is currently a freelance video editor working with Jules Conroy, owns a computer repair business, plays music, streams on Twitch, and works as an electronics assembler for power plants.

Spencer "Acrophobic"

A Full Sail University Game Development graduate, manages all of the streaming side of Team SMAK. Joining the team in 2018, he grew up going to school with Nick and Boy Scouts with Alex. Spencer is passionate about streaming, which he started doing at the beginning of 2020 on his own, and has learned countless tips and tricks to push SMAK forward in the streaming world. Spencer, who has never been that great at Smash Bros, is always in a character crisis in Ultimate and plays Sheik in Melee. Outside of SMAK, Spencer enjoys camping, cooking, and playing the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy 14.

Stephen "Debit"

Stephen is a 2020 graduate of Saint Vincent College with a degree in Accounting and minors in Finance and Marketing. Stephen joined Team SMAK in 2020, taking the role of the CFO and helps TO events. Besides his work with Team SMAK, Stephen started competing in Super Smash Brothers tournaments in 2017 and has recently got more involved in competitive Rocket League. Stephen represents the Steel Army, the Pittsburgh Riverhounds Supporters Group, in the Supporter’s Gaming League playing with four other members and does commentary for the League as well. Besides competitive gaming, Stephen is a big sports fan, cheering for Pittsburgh’s three major sports teams, the Riverhounds, and Chelsea FC.

Nicholas "Vicious"

Nicholas is a programmer, musician, gamer, and the Software Development Lead and Webmaster for Team SMAK! With many years of experience in programming, he builds all the powerful programs Team SMAK needs so they can deliver the highest quality tournaments. On the side he creates music for fun and enjoy's playing with other musicians. He has a wonderful pup named Tesla (a major handful), who always likes to get involved. Active in the smash scene a few years ago under the tag 'Pac-God', with which he got little, yet joyus recognition. Now under the name 'Vicious', he patiently awaits the day Ganondorf will be recognized as top tier character.