Meet The Sentry: Pittsburgh’s New Esports Team
Team SMAK's Esports Brand - Same Team You Know And Love, With A Sharp New Look!
After many months of hard work, we are finally able to reveal the fruit of our labor - the Sentry! Internally, our team has been discussing the concept of overhauling our logo and brand since early 2020. We eventually settled on a total makeover and rebrand. Thus, the Sentry was born - to become the new Team SMAK esports brand. We love our city and our community, and we wanted most to create a brand that would honor and be fitting for our city of champions and its famous history, but also appreciate the dedication and passion of our esports competitors. We want this new brand to build on top of what we have already established as a professional esports team - a team formed from the community and to serve the community first and foremost. In every respect, I think it all came together perfectly to create the logo you see now.

The Sentry is much more than just a topical or aesthetic overhaul. The Sentry marks the beginning of the next chapter in Pittsburgh Esports, and for our team. Our team started from competitive Super Smash Bros., and Smash will always be intrinsically tied to what we do and who we are. Under the Sentry, we plan to bring even more games to our Pittsburgh competitors and support our community of gamers. We will be scaling up considerably over the coming months, hosting bigger and better tournaments, growing our social media presence, working with our content creators, and bringing you awesome all-around esports content. The Sentry is here, and our team is ready.

I also want to clarify the difference between Team SMAK and the Sentry. You can think of it like this: Team SMAK is the parent company, and consists of the leadership for the entire organization and its brands. Sentry is the esports brand, owned and operated by Team SMAK. Anything and everything that falls under esports will fall under the Sentry. But know that the same great team is hard at work behind the scenes, even though there's a new logo and name.

Team SMAK (the leadership arm) consists of several members, each of whom has contributed enormously to bringing our esports team to where it is today. This remarkably talented group will continue to lead the organization and its brands moving forward. Paying homage to our history, paving the way for our future, and in unity - we will connect both the leadership arm and esports brand under the name SMAK Sentry for the foreseeable future.

Our skilled and determined group of leaders have been working diligently to bring the Sentry to fruition as you see it now. There is so much to look forward to as a Sentry fan. We will be building up our competitive teams and players, hosting incredible tournaments for a variety of video games, and continuing to recruit passionate content creators to name just a handful of our plans. Our website will be the best place to hear about Sentry news, and enjoy excellent gaming content every week. Luckily you don’t have to wait for the future of Pittsburgh Esports - because it’s already here.

Posted on Fri Aug 20 2021 14:09:40 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)