Sentry To Sponsor Starstruck
We are thrilled to announce that Sentry is proudly sponsoring the brand new Tristate regional Melee tournament, Starstruck!

It all goes down on April 9th, 2022 at the Galaxy Mall in Guttenberg, New Jersey! The tournament will feature top level Melee players, 15+ monitors friendlies and dual monitor setups, a free amateur ladder for newer players, food and drinks at the venue, and the mall’s amenities, to include a KBBQ and convenience store!

The venue has over 2200+ square ft. for all of the competitors to enjoy! It is only 15 minutes away from the Port Authority Terminal, with great access to NYC.

At time of writing, there are currently 65 entrants signed up with a maximum of 128, so plenty of spots are still available! It is sure to be an incredible event.

For those watching at home, you can tune in live during the tournament right here for all the Melee action! That’s where you’ll find our Sentry supporting the cause all stream long. And did we mention that our very own Squatch/jbub will be competing? It’s a can’t-miss event! For more information, click here. We also have a highlight video featuring some of the best moments from the tournament, thanks for our very own, incredibly talented video editor, Daithe!

Be sure to check out our YouTube channel, and make sure that you are subscribed with notifications turned on to be the first to know when our new videos go up!
Posted on Tues Apr 05 2022 03:01:59 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)